Do Car Problems Leave You Feeling Exhausted?

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Nobody wants to breathe stinky, unhealthy exhaust gases while they drive. If your exhaust system is on the fritz, turn to Stone Bros. Automotive and Accessories Inc. for auto repair services. Our team can install a new catalytic converter to reduce pollution levels. We offer standard and custom exhaust options.

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Key indicators that you need exhaust repairs

Your exhaust system plays a vital role in protecting your passengers and the environment at large from dangerous fumes. If you think you have an exhaust problem, it's important to visit a mechanic right away.

It may be time for exhaust repairs if:

You smell gas in your car
Your exhaust pipe is hanging loosely
You have trouble accelerating
You're filling up with gas more often

Count on Stone Bros. Automotive and Accessories to repair your exhaust system for a reasonable price.